Optimised appointments explained

How does your booking slot configuration impact on mobile workforce team costs?

The size of a booking slot, a 4hr vs 2hr for example, can have a significant impact on the overall team cost to achieve the same volume of jobs for each scenario. This generally follows the standard optimisation rules : the less latitude the jobs have, the smaller your ability to optimise.

However there is a best way of making an optimised booking !

As an example, proposing AM/PM slots instead of all day slot can increase by 14% the workforce cost in this sample, as this require more technicians and will generate more travel time.

+£61963 (+14%)

All day slot vs 4h slot cost

If the change from AM/PM slots to 2h slots as a minimal impact (0.9%), moving from AM/PM slots to 1h slots is very significant: this change increate by 43% the workwork cost in this sample. This require more techniciens (+4) and generate more travel time (+33%).

This is easily understandable. A 1h slot for a 30 minutes jobs doesn't give much latitude for the optimisation to move the job.

+£218790 (+43.3%)

AM/PM slot vs 1h slot cost

BUT the exact configuration can also determine the overall cost. In this scenario of changing the slot from AM/PM to 1H slot, if it now requires the job to only "start" in the slot instead of "starting and finishing" in the slot then the impact of the change become negligeable !

If you want to know more, speak with us!

-£83 (-0%)

AM/PM slot vs 1h slot cost, starting in the slot

Check out our configuration simulator here

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