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There are a large number of vendors offering optimisation but at the end of the day what they can offer is a poor optimisation result. Not all optimisation is the same, don't be fooled into thinking because it’s a well-known vendor and they have engaging marketing material you’ll get the optimisation you and your customers deserve.

A few hints to spot poor optimisation :

Drag & Drop optimisation
A bit pathetic but true, multiple solutions pretend to allow diary optimisation ... but only propose drag & drop to do so. Easy to find out as there is no automatic scheduling at all.

Individual route optimisation
This is one of the most common types of solution, where suppliers claim they have dynamic scheduling but in fact are only optimising an individual diary rather than optimising globally across the diaries. Individual diary optimisation is very simple to implement for the software vendor. It looks like its optimised but doesn’t take into account the potential to move jobs between resources or move jobs forward or backwards across a period. In comparison, a global optimisation will save an additional 30% to 40% of extra travel time!
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Batch Process - Manual or Nightly
This type of optimisation can fit certain needs, typically for planned maintenance without any bookings and with no need for reactive, real-time or dynamic changes. But this way of doing has many limits. Any efficiencies are very poor if you need to make a booking with a customer. The type of scheduling algorithms behind the scene are very slow and don't scale... So if they are run during the day it’s usually across a limited dataset, or they can only be run overnight, either way you are limiting the effectiveness of any optimisation. They are no help when needed to react to issues in the emerging day like no access, a sick technician, vehicle breakdowns, extended durations...

Just a background optimisation
More advanced based on the same type of algorithm as above, but running permanently, this is sometimes sold as ‘reactive’ optimisation. However because it can’t concentrate on the actual change it needs to consider, it will only provide a very limited (if any) efficiency gains with a long response time.

But a basic solution may be good enough for me ?
This depends entirely on your requirements and the needs of your customers, and basic doesn’t always mean cheaper. More-IQ advanced scheduling algorithm is cost effective and value for money without compromising the effectiveness of the optimisation.

Optimised booking is a must have, to deliver efficiency and service

Imagine you are given a diary to manually optimise. You will try to swap jobs between technicians and days to find the best solution. But if you are given the extra instruction to keep each job in its 2h booking slot then you will quickly give up arguing nothing can move. This is exactly what happens when an algorithm tries to optimise jobs after the booking has been made. The gains are very low... if any...
More-IQ's optimised booking feature allows to pre-optimise every possible slot to find where the best cost saving is before making the booking. This requires very intensive computation but More-IQ handles this task at lightning speed. This allows the booking team to negotiate the best booking with a full overview of cost impact of any proposals.

Benefits from a true cloud application

A true cloud application enables all the benefits of the cloud infrastructure and provides, high availability, scalability and a transparent upgrade process. The application and all the cloud services it uses are all based on the same fundamentals of load balancing and fail over.

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