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We help healthcare providers to schedule & optimise their field workforce across types of in-home care provision including initial assessments and visits associated with care plans; delivering the best possible patient and service user putcomes for the lowest possible cost.

Field Service for healthcare is special, and although we are looking to deliver the most efficient and optimised scheduling possibe, the reason and outcomes are all about the service user and patients.

Cost effective scheduling allows you to spend the time you need with the patients, in their home, at the time they need you.

You may think where the software resides is irrelevant, but it is fundamental to what it can achieve. Within healthcare the cost of delivering the service is very relevant and critical to ensure we can put the right quality of services on the front line

Optimised Appointments
Open API Integration
Recurring Visits
Flexible Staff Availability
Operational Insights
Real-Time Scheduling
Reactive Optimisation
Cost Based Optimisation
More-Iq for health care

More-IQ was born in the cloud; we are not a legacy solution that has been shoe-horned onto a cloud platform.

That means we are true SaaS and can provide all the scalability & elasticity that comes with that.
It also means we are secure and can deliver capability to any user, in any location, on any device

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