More-IQ for housing

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More-IQ for Housing

We help social housing providers & maintenance contractors to schedule & optimise their field workforce across planned, cyclical and responsive work; delivering the best possible customer service for the lowest possible cost.

Whether you are delivering appointments for responsive repairs, complex repairs, void works, planned programs or cyclical servicing, More-IQ scheduling for housing offers a unique experience.

A lot of solutions focus on scheduling these specific elements of the field workforce. To truly optimise your workforce you need to take a holistic approach that encompasses all of these things.

This is why we do not schedule in silos; it’s archaic. Our algorithm engine takes a holistic and integrated approach across all work types and all workers.

Optimised Appointments
Open API Integration
Project and Void Planning
Cyclical Maintenance Planning
Operational Insights
Real-Time Scheduling
Reactive Optimisation
Cost Based Optimisation
More-Iq for housing

When optimising your workforce we think in terms of what is critical to you – cost. We do not optimise based solely on travel time; we look at all of the cost elements involved including travel cost, resource costs and time.

This enables us to more accurately optimise field resources to deliver the best possible service for the least possible cost and the best resident satisfaction.

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