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More-IQ for Housing

We can help field service software and housing software providers embed a true cloud, true optimisation servce within their own solutions, helping your customers to schedule & optimise their field workforce across planned, cyclical, project and responsive work; delivering the best possible customer service for the lowest possible cost.

Why integrate when you can embed?

Your customers want sophisticated scheduling but you either don’t have the capability or the requirements are beyond what you have.

Why follow the crowd and integrate to a third party when you can set yourself apart and embed a market-leading optimisation solution?

More-IQ was designed to be embedded in housing software and service management solutions creating the best possible scheduling solution

Optimised Appointments
Open API Integration
Project and Void Planning
Cyclical Maintenance Planning
Operational Insights
Real-Time Scheduling
Reactive Optimisation
Cost Based Optimisation
More-Iq for software vendors

We are not alone!

As much as we would like to think that our solution is the centre of the universe, we recognise that we are not alone. You have other systems in place and to streamline processes and deliver a seamless service you need for these systems to integrate together.

This is why More-IQ was designed as ‘integration ready.’ We have rich open APIs that enables you to tightly integrate our scheduling and route optimisation capability into the way you work and the front-end applications you use. .

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Dont be fooled by fake optimisations

Embed a TRUE optimisation brain and make TRUE savings

More-IQ can optimise teams with thousands of technicians and manage all the complexities of your organisation

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