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About Us

We are a specialist provider of scheduling and optimisation services for the Field Service and Housing sector

  • More-IQ is a true cloud reactive and real-time resource scheduling and optimisation SAAS application with tour planning and dynamic scheduling features.
  • The solution provides a REAL global optimisation giving savings of 30% - 40% travel-time on top of a basic route optimisation solution.
  • The cloud nature of the solution provides fantastic features for small and large businesses with no need for investment in hardware.
  • Its high configurability and unique multi workflow algorithm allows use across a multitude of field service areas.
It’s all about what you want to achieve
For us it is not a case of being consulting-led or product-led, it is about being client-led. Our aim is to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients and to do this, we take the time to understand what it is you are trying to achieve. We take this onboard as our mission, applying our software, guiding you on your journey and ensuring what you gain is the maximum possible value.
Scheduling in silos is so archaic
A lot of solutions focus on scheduling specific elements of the field workforce – projects, maintenance or responsive repairs. To truly optimise your workforce you need to take a holistic approach that encompasses all of these things. This is why we do not schedule in silos; it’s archaic. Our algorithm engine takes a holistic and integrated approach across all work types and all workers.
Time is important but cost is king
When optimising your workforce we think in terms of what is critical to you – cost. We do not optimise based solely on travel time; we look at all of the cost elements involved including travel cost, resource costs and time. This enables us to more accurately optimise field resources to deliver the best possible service for the least possible cost.
The customer defines their experience
It’s not whether you hit your SLA, it’s how the customer feels about the service you deliver. This is why we put your customer’s experience at the heart of our solution. We enable appointments to be scheduled on the first call or visit to your website. We utilise messaging to confirm appointments and even send out those important reminders and follow-up messages to manage the end-to-end experience.
Flexibility & elasticity is a game changer
Software-as-a-Service has transformed the way that we consume software and this is why More-IQ was designed as a SaaS solution. We wanted to give our clients the ability to have the flexibility to pay for the functionality they use, when they use it. We also wanted to provide elasticity, the ability to scale up usage to hit seasonal demand, or extend the solution to contractors and equally scale back usage when not required.
What you can’t see you can’t manage
You operate in a highly dynamic environment and have to carefully balance efficiency with service. We believe you can only truly manage and continually improve your operation if you have visibility into how you are operating. More-IQ was designed to harness the data captured to deliver true operational intelligence - real-time information that enables you to manage the now with powerful analytics to help you define your future.
Born, not forced in the Cloud
You may think where the software resides is irrelevant, but it is fundamental to what it can achieve. More-IQ was born in the cloud; we are not a legacy solution that has been shoe-horned onto a cloud platform. That means we are true SaaS and can provide all the scalability & elasticity that comes with that. It also means we are secure and can deliver capability to any user, in any location, on any device.
We are not alone
As much as we would like to think that our solution is the centre of the universe, we recognise that we are not alone. You have other systems in place and to streamline processes and deliver a seamless service you need for these systems to integrate together. This is why More-IQ was designed as ‘integration ready.’ We have rich open APIs that enables you to tightly integrate our capability into the way you work and the front-end applications you use.
It is not about us, it is about you
Clever people like to invent smart capabilities, but these are only relevant if they deliver value. This is why we are not fixated about things that make us look good, but about things that make our clients brilliant. Our product roadmap is dictated by our clients - what they see as a priority - and as a SaaS solution you get all of these new features when they arrive as standard – we don’t charge for upgrades.
You want all of the benefits yesterday, right?
We have all been involved with enterprise software deployment, high expectations met with lengthy deployment projects and even longer time to value. We break the mould here. More-IQ is ready to go, a SaaS platform already installed. Our team have done this hundreds of times before and can guide you quickly down the right path. We can’t deliver benefits yesterday, but we most certainly can start delivering value from tomorrow.
Why integrate when you can embed?
Your customers want sophisticated scheduling but you either don’t have the capability or the requirements are beyond what you have. Why follow the crowd and integrate to a third party when you can set yourself apart and embed a market-leading solution? More-IQ was designed to be embedded in housing and service management solutions creating the best possible solution.

More-IQ Scheduler

Powerful optimisation

Real-time global optimisation. Save an extra 30%-40% on travel time!


Fast, reactive optimisation for bookings, PPM, complex projects and cyclical servicing.

Optimisation by cost

Controlled deployment with Cost Optimisation - Not just travel.

Optimised booking

First Class Customer Service with Optimised Bookings at 1st Point of Contact.

Fit for all Sizes

Accessible for all organisations, small or large, no hardware costs and scalable.

True cloud

Built in the cloud not just on the cloud, high-availability, scalability and transparent upgrades.

Powerful user interface

Powerful, configurable UI with access to all features and functionality.

Feature Rich

Reporting, analytics, automated services and configurable business orientated features.

Multi-contractor enabled

One-to-many or Many-to-one configuration to manage contractor scheduling.

Mobile application

On or off line, simple to distribute to your field operatives and allows real-time updating of visits.

Customer Communication

SMS, Emails, Self-service features for communication with your customers.

API driven

Rich integration across transactions and configuration. No extra cost all included.

Standalone to black box integration

Fully embed in your existing systems or work in hybrid mode.

Easy integration for software editors

Use the More-IQ UI to visualise your integration to get up and running quickly.

Simple Straightforward SaaS

Simple, transparent pricing per technician all features and functionality included.


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With more than 50 years of experience in scheduling, we formed More-IQ with a vision to bring an unrivalled true cloud scheduling system to the market and ensure More-IQ's customers and partners have the best scheduling experience they can get and put them at the centre of all we do.
Nick Shipton

Nick has worked within the Field Service and Social Housing sectors for over 15 years specializing in scheduling solutions. Starting within the project implementation area before moving into product development and sales. Previously Nick worked with Xmbrace, Kirona and Advanced before founding More-IQ.

Nick Shipton

Chief Executive Officer
Katie Evans

Taking on a wide range of job roles, Katie's career within Field Service, ERP and scheduling, since the 1990’s, has led from Customer Service, Implementation, Project Management to specialising in Product Management with Xmbrace/Kirona/Advanced. Katie is joining More-IQ as a director bringing all her customer operational experience to the team.

Katie Evans

Chief Customer Officer
Gaël Sainson

With 20+ years of experience in Field Service, Gaël is a specialist in optimisation algorithms and software development. He worked as a technical director with major providers in the sector before creating More-IQ.

Gaël Sainson

Chief Technology Officer

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